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Our Real Estate & Conveyancing team covers all aspects of property related transactions. We assist our clients in the sale and purchase of their private condominiums, landed properties and commercial properties. We advise on loan structures and documentations.

Purchasing / Selling a home

  1. Purchase / Sale Terms
  2. Raising a loan and mortgage
  3. Application for usage of CPF monies
  4. Transfers of property after Probate & Administration orders or divorce orders issued
  5. Advising on payment of stamp duty and additional buyer’s stamp duty


  1. Types of consumer or corporate loans
  2. Types of security i.e. mortgage over assets (personal or corporate)
  3. Discharging loans

Corporate Loans

  1. Fixed securities
  2. Debentures
  3. Share pledges
  4. Memorandum of Deposit of Title Deeds
  5. Satisfaction of Charges


  1. Sub-selling a property under development
  2. Discharging existing loans


  1. Preparing tenancy agreements
  2. Advising on covenants in tenancies