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Our Tax Litigation and Advisory practice encompasses both tax litigation and corporate tax advisory.

For tax litigation, we represent clients before the tax tribunals as well as the Supreme Court. We frequently provide formal legal opinions to clients who are facing tax issues. Our team also resolves tax issues directly with the relevant authorities, for instance, by seeking advance rulings and clearances on proposed transactions and schemes, thereby allowing our clients to effectively plan ahead.

For corporate tax advisory, we represent both corporate and individual clients in advising on a variety of complex legal, commercial, and financial arrangements.

Given our independent nature, we have the freedom to work with accounting firms to assist clients in their tax matters, whether contentious or non-contentious.

We are also completely committed to helping you obtain the best commercial and strategic outcome when you are engaged in a dispute with the authorities, and will vigorously fight your corner against all odds. Whether it is a complex dispute or a simple one, you can be assured that we will fight your case and advance your interests robustly.

Notably, our team is led by Kah Hee who is dually qualified as both a lawyer and Chartered Accountant and is able to dissect the tax issues from the legal, accounting and tax perspectives in an insightful and multi-disciplinary manner. Our strength invariably lies in conducting complex and high-value tax litigation requiring legal acumen to address novel and groundbreaking areas of law, and resolve legal issues that are unprecedented.





I was impressed with Kah Hee and his team’s ability to dissect and navigate the various tax issues, some of which were unprecedented. Being commercially attuned, he was able to provide solid advice after analysing the tax issues at hand.”

Dr Wee Teng Yau, Director of Straighten Pte Ltd, Weety Orthodontics Specialist Care